Trial and error can be very costly in roofing...
As the third generation of Vail roofers, our roots
in the business go back to 1943
The 'best deal' is to simply avoid premature roof failure as seen to the left
There really isn't a need to gamble on a commercial roof - a price that seems especially low may well turn out to be far more costly for reasons you may not notice until it's too late. At M.Vail Company, we provide expert, proven roofing solutions that have a track record for dependability and longevity. In all cases, M.Vail Company meets or exceeds manufacturers' specifications to achieve optimum performance. By doing so, customers can expect superior value and maximum service life for their sound investment in roofing provided by M.Vail Company.

M.Vail Company has developed an outstanding reputation for an ability to handle complex commercial, industrial, civic building, condominium/apartment, hotel/motel roofing projects. When the roof overhead protects valuable contents below, the margin for error isn't worth risking. M.Vail Company has the expertise and experience to do your roofing project right.

While M.Vail Company is known for the ability to expertly handle large roofing projects, it also economically provides services for smaller commercial buildings utilizing quality materials and the same application expertise to achieve "above all, a good roof."

M.Vail Company is experienced and qualified to design and install many types of commercial
roof systems including -

Built-up and Modified Bitumen
Featuring -
Single ply EPDM, TPO and PVC GAF Single Ply Membranes
Liquid applied Roof Membrane
Green Roof Systems

M.Vail Company has provided expert roofing services for a wide array of commercial, industrial, civic, educational, health care, agricultural, and governmental buildings including -

Alcoa Douglas County Quincy School District
C&M Fruit Douglas P.U.D Safeway Stores
Central Washington Hospital Eastmont School District Shopko
Chelan County McDougall & Sons Fruit Shippers Stemilt
Chelan Fruit Moses Lake School District Target
Chelan P.U.D. Okanogan County P.U.D. Wenatchee Medical Center
City of Wenatchee Omak Medical Center Wenatchee School District
Columbia Valley Community Health Pateros School District Plus many others
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