Trial and error can be very costly in roofing...
As the third generation of Vail roofers, our roots
in the business go back to 1943
M.Vail Company is North Central Washington's
most experienced roofing contractor -
Jay Vail founded Vail Roofing in 1943. His son, Garry, and grandson, Mike, continued as North Central Washington's professional roofing contractors until M.Vail Company was established to carry on the tradition. Vail Roofing continues to meet the important need of "Above all, a good roof."
Mike Vail learned the roofing business from the ground up, beginning as a laborer on roofing crews. After graduating from college, he contributed an ability to analyze and incorporate new technologies with old-fashioned hard work and craftsmanship to provide superior roof systems for a wide variety of projects both large and small. Mike continues the longstanding Vail commitment to dependability and 'doing the job right the first time.'
M.Vail Company has served the roofing needs of a wide assortment of commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural, governmental and residential customers (here are just a few) -

M.Vail Company
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Wenatchee, Washington 98807
Office: 435-A Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee
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